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Since last winter went so swimmingly, let's try it again! TFS has very graciously opened her home in the west San Fernando Valley to me again. This time her daughter AS (and dog and cat) are there too. Two women + two dogs + two cats = not my usual solitary winter again. Huzzah!
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Forest Lawn Memorial Park - Glendale

2014.01.29 The Getty Villa


Time for some art! Antiquities actually. The Getty Villa is the counterpart to The Getty Center which we visited last year. The Villa is dedicated to works from ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria displayed in a complex along the Pacific Coast Highway inspired by the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum .





    As with the Getty Center, admission is free, but parking is $15.



    An amphitheatre looks onto this performance space.











Herm of Hermes

Roman, AD 50-100

The head of Hermes (god of travel and commerce) is set on top of a square pillar, forming a type of statue called a herm, placed at boundaries, crossroads, and thresholds of houses.




Vessel with Leda and the Swan

The Hall of Colored Marbles emulates the kind of status-symbol rooms during the Imperial period.





Roman, AD 125-200

Polyhymnia, Muse of Mime
Roman, about AD 200

Hygiela Aphrodite

Terpsichore, Muse of Dance
Roman, about AD 200

Clio, Muse of History
Roman, about AD 200

Roman, AD 1-100

Winged Feline
Tartessian (Spain), 700-575 BC

Nemesis (goddess of retribution)
Roman, about AD 150








Sarcophagus Panel with Medusa and Theater Masks
Roman, AD 140-170

Bust of Menander
Roman, AD 100-150





Herm of Dionysus

Sarcophagus with Scenes of Bacchus

wall fragments

Sarcophagus with a Vintage Scene
Roman, AD 200-300

TimeScape has interactive displays of the periods covered by the museum. Unfortunately, too dark to photograph well.

That's the first floor exhibits done. Now we step outside into the courtyard for a walk around. There are a lot of roses and flowers and vines planted, but in January they're all trimmed back awaiting spring.


looking back at the
courtyard entrance
A pseudo-panorama across the courtyard made of individual popup images
Now from the other end of the courtyard, a hand-made panorama.

And finally a view from the second floor before checking out the other exhibits.


Now on to the 2nd-floor exhibits.





Floor Mosaic with a Lion Attacking an Onager
Roman, about AD 150

Mold Blown and Cast Glass    





Perfume Flasks




Core Formed Glass








Prehistoric Vessels and Figures

Fertility Goddess
from Cyprus, 3000-2500 BC

Harp Player
Early Cycladic, 2700-2300 BC

Pregnant Female Figure
Early Cycladic, 2700-2300 BC

Folded-Arm Figures
Early Cycladic, 2700-2400 BC

Jug with a Man and Dog

Cycladic Vessels

The Body in Prehistoric Art

Early Cypriot Pottery


Wall Fragment with a Peacock
Roman, about AD 700

Funerary Relief with a Hunter
Greek, 290-250 BC



Relief of a Hunter from a Funerary Monument
Greek, about 325 BC








Folding Tripod with Horses
Roman, AD 250-300

Prize Vessel from the Athenian Games
Greek, 150-300 BC


Jewellery and Coins











Hall of Men


Men at Work

Statuette of a Lyre Player and His Companion


Prize Vessel from the Athenian Games

Wreath, Greek, Gold

Wine Cup with a Man and a Youth Kissing
Greek, 510-500 BC


Bust of Commodus
Roman, AD 180-185

Head of a Bearded Man
Greek, 160-165 BC

Sarcophagus Panel with a Wool Merchant
Roman, about AD 180

Wine Cup with a Drunk Man Vomiting
Greek, from Athens, about 290 BC

Wine Cup with a Sexual Encounter
Greek, from Athens, about 479 BC

Wine Cup with Symposion Scenes
Greek, from Athens, 450-440 BC


A Religious Shrine

Warriors in Ancient Art

Black Figured and Red Figured Vessels

Statuette of Mars Cohannus
Gallo-Roman, AD 125-175


from Clazomenaue, 480-479 BC

Forging Armor


Gravestone of Philoxenos and Philoumene
Greek, from Athens, about 400 BC

Relief with Tiberius, Concordia, and a Genius
Roman, AD 14-31


Torso of a Man Wearing Armor
Roman, AD 83-85
    Along the left side of the image above are these busts, all marble, all Roman.    

Lucius Licinius Nepos
AD 1-25

Emperor Augustus
25-1 BC

Emperor Caligula
about AD 40

a Bearded Man
AD 200-225

Hall of Women


Terracotta Offerings

Sarcophagus Cover

Children in Ancient Art

Coin Bank Shaped as a Beggar Girl
Roman, AD 25-50



Faustina the Elder

Bust of a Woman
Roman, AD 150-160

Portrait of a Mature Woman
Roman, AD 68-96


Women in Greek Art / Funerary Vessels

Oil Jars with
... an Egg Offering
... Offerings
... a Woman Carrying a Basket of Offerings
... a Woman Tying a Ribbon around a Gravestone

Cosmetics Container with Animals / Statuette of a Young Woman

Gravestone of a Woman with Her Attendant, Greek

Women at Work

Wine Cup with a Woman Playing a Game,
Greek, from Athens, about 500 BC

Cup with a Woman Playing the Pipes,
Greek, from Athens


Statuette of a Dancer



Funerary and Mummification

Mummy of Herakleides, Romano-Egyptian, AD 90-100

Painted Coffin
Egyptian, AD 500-900

Mummy Forensics

Tempera Portraits
Romano-Egyptian, AD 170-250

Mummy Portrait of a Woman
Romano-Egyptian, Egypt, AD 100-110

Funeral Gifts

Sarcophagus Panel with the Myth of Endymion and Selene
Roman, about AD 210

Grave Monument of Popillius and Calpurnia
Roman, AD 1-20

Gravestone of Helena
Roman, AD 150-200

Gravestone of Phanokrates
Greek, about 100 BC


Herakles (Hercules)

Herakles' Deeds

The Twelve Labors of Herakles

Storage Jar with Herakles Threatening the Centaur Pholos
Greek, from Athens, about 530-520 BC

Roman, AD 100-200

Herakles in Action

Storage Jar with Herakles Battling Kyknos
Greek, 320-360 BC
Storage Jar with Herakles Carrying the Erymanthean Boar
Greek, from Athens, about 530 BC

The Lansdowne Herakles
Roman, about AD 125

One of J. Paul Getty's most prized possessions, it inspired him to build the Villa.


Relief of an African Elephant

Art of the Odyssey

Rome, AD 100-200

Mixing Vessel with Odysseus Escaping from the Cave of Polyphemos
Greek, from Athens, 550-500 BC
Statuette of Odysseus under the Ram
Greek, from Italy, about 575 BC

Scroll Fragment of The Odyssey
Roman, from Egypt, 100-1 BC

Art of the Trojan War

Storage Jar with Aeneas and Anchise,
Greek, from Athens, about 510 BC
Storage Jar with Achilles and Ajax Gaming,
Greek, from Athens, about 510 BC


Storage Jar with Diomedes and Odysseus
Greek, from Italy, about 540 BC

Storage Jar with the Judgment of Paris
Greek, from Athens, about 360 BC

Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Life of Achilles
Roman, from Attica Greece, AD 180-220


Water Jar with Niobe Turning to Stone

Poet as Orpheus with Two Sirens
Greek, from Italy, about 350-300 BC

Mythological Heroes

Mixing Vessel with the Death of Orpheus

Theseus (and Minotaur)



Satyr Pouring Wine
Roman, AD 1-100

Leda and the Swan
Roman, AD 1-100

Now that's a major step back in time! The Villa is an easy afternoon's worth of walking around, enjoying the grounds when the weather is good, and appreciating the richness of life thousands of years ago. That many of these artificats survived millenia and wars and pillage and translocation to the other side of the world is a testament to the volume of man's expressive creativity, and appreciation of history by those who followed. And the power of turn-of-the-century petrochemical wealth by men like Getty who could travel abroad and scoop up these items, bundle them up and ship them far from their origins, out from under the uncaring eyes of the cultures that spawned them. All for us to see decades later, for free. Many of these works are being repatriated now and may never again be seen so easily.

I've been working on this page since we got to Dallas and right now I'm a bit tired of it. Perhaps some time I'll return to tidy it up a little and tie things together better.

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Forest Lawn Memorial Park - Glendale

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