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Since last winter went so swimmingly, let's try it again! TFS has very graciously opened her home in the west San Fernando Valley to me again. This time her daughter AS (and dog and cat) are there too. Two women + two dogs + two cats = not my usual solitary winter again. Huzzah!
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Dr Pepper Museum

2014.03.02 Dallas Museum of Art



Dale Chihuly
Lily Pads
    It's a cold wet day on our first Sunday in town. Time for some art!

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is one of several arts facilities that make up the Dallas Arts District in the northeast corner of downtown Dallas, TX .

And it's free admission every day, though parking is $10.

Two Pieces Reclining Figures
    From a later visit in better weather, the front entrance. And yet another - we've seen a ton of them, probably several tons - Henry Moore sculpture. Doubtless there will be more...

It's an interesting building, doesn't look like much on the outside but inside is a long rising hallway with galleries arrayed off the side, on two levels. Probably quite impressive when it's sunny. No pictures of it though.

On to the Art.


Alexandre Hogue : The Erosion Series

    Alexander Hogue was a Texas painter known for his realist-style depictions of the landscapes of his native state. This series of paintings made him famous in the 1930s for its depiction of the Texas landscape damaged by the Dust Bowl .

Avalanche by Wind, 1944

Crucified Land, 1939

Drouth Survivors, 1936/1984

Erosion No. 2 - Mother Earth Laid Bare, 1936


Red Earth Canyon, 1932



Jackson Pollock
Portrait and a Dream, 1953


Cathedral, 1947



Mark Rothko
Orange, Red and Red, 1962
Richard Diebenkorn
Ocean Park No. 29, 1970
Robert Motherwell
Elegy to the Spanish Republic 108 (The Barcelona Elegy), 1966
Jasper Johns
Device, 1961-62
Deborah Butterfield
Horse #6-82, 1982

Arnaldo Pomodoro
Rotante Massimo III, 1968
These are the second works we've seen by these artists, very recognizable for artists we'd never heard of before.

The Butterfield was at Palm Springs Art Museum, but in wood there.

The Pomodoro was at Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC, but more open there.




Pair of Lokapala (Heavenly Guardians)
China: Tang dynasty (618-907)

Buddha of the Western Paradise (Amida Nyorai)
Japan: ca 1175-1200
(L) Figure of a lady, China: 200 BC - 1 AD
(C) Polo horse tomb figure, China: AD 616-907
(R) Ritual urn with two handles, China: 3000-2000 BC

Bodhisattva Majusri (Monju Bosatsu), Japan: Nambokucho period (1333-1392)

River landscape, Japan: 18th century

The Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup, Japan: ca 1600

Emma-O, Japan: Momoyama period (1568-1615)

Saddle, Japan: Edo period 17th century

Censer and cover (koro), Japan: 1877

Takenouchi no Sukune Meets the Dragon King of the Sea, Japan: 1875-1879




Pair of vases, Japan: Late Edo, ca mid-19th century

Vase, Japan: Meiji period, late 19th century

Vase, Japan: Meiji period, late 19th century



Covered incense burner (koro), ca 1900


Chest of drawers (kodansu), Japan: ca 1880

Vase (one of a pair), Japan: 1905

Manjusri, Tibet or Nepal: 18th century

Buddha Muchalinda, Cambodia: late 12th - early 13th century

Conch shell, Tibet: 19th century


Pacific Islands



Figure from the top of a funerary post (jihe), Indonesia: 18th or 19th century

Skull hook, Malaysia: 19th century or earlier.
Possessing potent magical charm, the skulls of slain enemies were hung from elegantly formed hooks like this one. The hooks were suspended from the rafters of the longhouse, where they were part of an altar where prayers and sacrificial offerings were made.

Headhunter's or ritual ceremonial sword, Indonesia: 19th - early 20th century

Wall panel with figure of a slain shaman (tulangan sirimanua), Indonesia: ca 1900
(L) Guardian sentinel, Indonesia: late 19th century
(R) Male protective figure (pagar), Indonesia: late 19th century


Row of figures, Indonesia: late 19th - early 20th century

Section from a house façade with a human figure, Indonesia: late 19th - early 20th century

Funerary figure (tau-tau), Indonesia: 19th century or earlier

Pair of male and female ancestor figures (ana dea), Indonesia: late 19th to early 20th century

House door (oromatan), Indonesia: ca 1915

Mouth mask probably depicting the head of a rooster, Indonesia: 19th century
Among the rarest of sculptures from the Southeast Moluccas are small masklike objects depicting the head of an animal. The dancer held the masklike object in his mouth by the tab extending from the back of the head. This type of object is sometimes referred to as a mouth mask. Only four mouth masks have survived, three of which are in European museum collections and represent pigs. The sculptor imaginatively used boar tusks to create the white feathers that rise above the head and encircle the bird's face. Pig mouth masks are associated with a distinctive fertility ritual called porka, which encourages increase and aundance among human beings, animals, and vegetation. The bird mask shown here was used in a war dance that was poerformed by men and portrayed headhunting.

Ceremonial spoon, Eastern Indonesia: ca 17th century, Ivory

Standing male figure, Vanuatu: ca 1945-55
Art and Death in New Ireland (Papua New Guinea)



Head for a malagan figure, Papua New Guinea: early 20th century

Memorial figure (uli), Papua New Guinea: 19th century


Decorative Arts



Elevator grille from the Chicago Stock Exchange, ca 1893


Toilet service, ca 1755

Candelabrum for the Sulkowsky Service, 1736

Mantel clock with figure of Perseus, early 19th century

Marshmallow sofa, designed ca 1954-1955


Nocturne radio (Model 1186), ca 1936


Air-King radio (Model 66), 1933

Gift camera (Model no. 1A) and box, designed 1930


Villa La Pausa

This collection was given to the DMA in 1985 and installed in unique galleries modelled on the principal rooms of the donor's villa, known as La Pausa, on the French Riviera. Villa La Pausa was orginally built for and furnished by the designer Coco Chanel .

Belle Chambre

Dining Room

Vincent van Gogh
Sheaves of Wheat, 1890


Auguste Rodin
The Sirens, ca 1900
Edgar Degas
The Bathers, 1895-1897
Édouard Manet
Vase of White Lilacs and Roses, 1883
Édouard Manet
Brioche with Pears, 1876

Paul Cézanne
Abandoned House Near Aix-en-Provence, 1885-1887
Sir Winston Churchill
Vase of Red Tulips (After Cézanne), 1957
Sir Winston Churchill
Custody of the Child, 1955



Five Songye Standing Figures (Mankishi), Zaire: 19th - 20th century

Mask (Kifwebe), Democratic Republic of the Congo: late 19th - early 20th century

Standing Male Figure (Nkisi Mangaaka), Democratic Republic of the Congo: late 19th - early 20th century

Helmet Mask (Mukyeem), Democratic Republic of the Congo: mid-20th century


Seated Female Figure with Child (Pfemba), Democratic Republic of the Congo: late 19th - early 20th century


(L) Bowl with Lid (Opon Igede), 1920-1940
(C) Shango Dance Wand (Oshe Shango), late 19th - early 20th century
(R) Kneeling Male and Female Figures, 18th-19th century

Kneeling Female Figure with Bowl (Olumeye), early 20th century


Rhythm Pounder, Mali: 19th - 20th century
Henry Moore
Girl, 1932 (Boxwood)



Folding backgammon
, 19th century


Pair of architectural brackets, 18th century

Virabhadra, 16th century

Vishnu and attendants, ca 1026

Stele of Uma-Maheshvara, 12th century




Head and Upper Torso
of Seti I
, Egypt: 1559-1085 BC


ca 5th century BC


Mystery Cults,
6th century BC on

Standing Goddess or Woman, 6th century BC

Black-Figure Krater, first half of 6th century BC

Calyx Krater, late 4th century BC


Volute Krater, ca 340-330 BC



Osias Beert the Elder
Basket of Flowers, ca 1615

Il Garofalo
Madonna and Child and St. Jerome, ca 1530s


Pierre Nicolas Legrand
A Good Deed is Never Forgotten, 1794-1795
The Master of the Legend of St. Barbara
Saint Ursula Protecting the Eleven Thousand Virgins with Her Cloak, ca 1470-1500




Giovanni Antonio Canal ("Canaletto")
San Cristoforo, San Michele, and Murano from the Fondamenta Nuove, Venice, 1722-23
Hubert Robert
Hermit in the Colosseum, 1790
Pietro Bellotti
Old Pilgrim, ca 1660s-70s
Françcois-August Biard
Seasickness at the Ball, on Board an English Corvette (Le mal de merau bal, abord d'une corvette Anglaise) , , French: ca 1860s
Probably the first European painter to travel to the Arctic Cirle to paint icebergs.
Antonio Canova
Victory, ca 1813

Théodore Rousseau
The Charcoal Burner's Hut (La hutte des charbonniers), ca 1850
Eugène Delacroix
Portrait of a Woman in a Blue Turban, ca 1827
Paul Signac
Comblat-le-Chãteauthe Meadow (Le Pré), Opus 161 , , 1887

Camille Pissarro
Apple Harvest, 1888
Claude Monet
The Seine at Lavacourt, 1880

Claude Monet
Valle Buona, Near Bordighera, 1884
Auguste Rodin
The Shade, or Adam from The Gates of Hell, 1880
Édouard Manet
The Bugler (Le Clarion), 1882
Édouard Manet
Portrait of Isabelle Lemonnier with a Muff, ca 1879-1880
Camille Pissarro
Still Life with Spanish Peppers, 1899?

Ramon Casa
Tired, ca 1895-1900
Léon Frédéric
Nature or Abundance, 1897
Auguste Rodin
The Sculptor and His Muse, 1895
Paul Klee
Saint of Inner Light (Die Heilige vom Innern Licht), 1921
Paul Klee
Hoffmanesque Scene (Hoffmaneske Szene), 1921
Henri Matisse
Still Life: Bouquet and Compotier, 1924

Wassily Kandinsky
Murnau, Burggrabenstrasse 1, 1908, 1908
Amedeo Modigliani
Boy in Short Pants, ca 1918
Pablo Picasso
Bottle of Port and Glass, 1919

Georges Braque
Still Life with Bottles and Glasses, 1912
Fernand Léger
Three Women and Still Life (Déjeuner), 1925
Jean Arp
Star in a Dream (Astre en Reve), 1958
Paul Klee
Around the Core (Um den Kern)1935 ,  
Henry Moore
Reclining Mother and Child, 1974-1976
Hans Hoffman
Untitled (Yellow Table on Green), 1936
Jean Dubuffet
The reveler (Le Festoyeur), 1964
Henry Moore
Reclining Figure: Umbilicus Centre, 1983
Family Group, 1944
Small Animal, 1980
Reclining Man: Headless, 1982
Wall Relief: Maquette No. 1, 1955
Stringed Figure, 1938 (cast 1966)
Point and Oval, 1981
This Head, 1964
Alberto Giacometti
Three Men Walking, 1948-1949
René Magritte
Our Daily Bread (Le pain quotidien), 1942
Pablo Picasso
The Guitarist, 1965
Piet Mondrian    
Willow Grove: Impression of Light and Shadow, ca 1905

The Winkel Mill, Pointillist Version, 1908
Apple Tree, Pointillist Version, 1908-1909

Spring Sun (Leutezon) Castle Ruin: Brederode, 1909/1910
Farm Near Duivendrecht, in the Evening, ca 1916
Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Black, Yellow, and Gray, 1921
Place de la Concorde, 1938-1943


Day 2: Sculpture Garden

After a visit to the Nasher Sculpture Center we stopped in at the DMA to see its outdoor sculptures while the weather was better. And an indoor gallery that wasn't yet open on our last visit.

Zaha Hadid
Bench, 2003/2006
Scott Burton
Granite Settee, 1982-1983
Ellsworth Kelly


Day 2: Contemporary

Richard Hughes
Neapolitanz, 2013

Mauricio Cattelan
Untitled, 2009
Nobuo Sekine
Phase of Nothingness - Cloth and Stone, 1970/1994
Konrad Leug
Untitled (Champignons . . .), 1967
Franz Erhard Walther
Standing Piece in Two Sections, 1975
Viewers are invited to stand and walk on the piece.

(L) Michele Abeles , Red, Rock, Cigarettes, Newspaper, Body, Wood, Lycra, Bottle, 2006 (C) Lucas Block , Accurate Walking Style 1, 2012 (R) Daniel Gordon , Shelf and plant, 2003

Yuki Kimura , various from 2006
Thomas Struth
Stellarator Wendelstein 7-X Detail Max Planck IPP, Greifswald, Germany, 2009
An experimental nuclear fusion reactor.
Thomas Struth
Seamless Tube Production Tenais Siderca, Campana/Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009
(L) Sara Cwynar , Corinthian Temple (Plastic Cups), 2012
(C,R) Mario Pascual , Untitled, 2009

This is quite a large museum, larger than it appears from the street. We never did get to the American Art and Ancient American Art galleries.

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Dr Pepper Museum

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