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Since last winter went so swimmingly, let's try it again! TFS has very graciously opened her home in the west San Fernando Valley to me again. This time her daughter AS (and dog and cat) are there too. Two women + two dogs + two cats = not my usual solitary winter again. Huzzah!
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Fort Worth Stockyards
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Fort Worth Views

2014.04.27 Amon Carter Museum of American Art



    It's a hot muggy Sunday on our last weekend in Texas. A good day to be in air-conditioned surroundings. Like the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, TX . And, parking and admission are free!    

a 2-storey lobby with

a wall of windows
lobby left
Frederic Remington
A Dash for the Timber, 1899
    Remington wanted some men for a "big cowboy picture." That picture launched his career when it received favourable critical attention at the National Academy of Design in New York in 1890.    
Frederic Remington
Coming Through the Rye, copyrighted 1902, cast #12, 1916
Charles M. Russell
The Medicine Man, 1908
Charles M. Russell
Wild Horse Hunters, 1913
Frederic Remington
The Smoke Signal, 1905
Charles M. Russell
Loops and Swift Horses Are Surer than Lead, 1916
Frederic Remington
The Broncho Buster, [large version], copyrighted 1895, altered 1909, cast #5, 1914

Frederic Remington
The Mountain Man, copyrighted 1903, cast #1?, 1903
Frederic Remington
The Old Stage-Coach of the Plains, 1901
Charles M. Russell
The Silk Robe, ca 1896
Charles M. Russell
Meat for Wild Men, modeled 1924, cast ca 1926-27
Charles M. Russell
The Buffalo Hunt[No. 29], 1919
The Art of Still Life

De Scott Evans
Free Sample, Try One, 1887-88
John Haberle
Can You Break a Five?, 1888
John Frederick Peto
Lamps of Other Days, 1888
Thomas Cole
The Garden of Eden, 1828

Severin Roesen
Still Life of Flowers and Fruit with a River Landscape in the Distance, 1867
John Frederick Peto
A Closet Door, 1904-06
William Harnett
Ease, 1887
    lobby right

Albert Bierstadt
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley, ca 1870
John Singer Sargent
Edwin Booth , 1890
Texas Regionalism    


William Lester
In Oklahoma, 1936
Jerry Bywaters
Texas Subdivision, 1938
Alexandre Hogue
Neighbors, 1932
That's it for the lobby and front galleries. Now we go down the hall to the back of the building, then upstairs.    

June Wayne

Stuart Davis
Blips and Ifs, 1963-64

June Wayne
Because It's There, 1969


2nd Floor


The walls were painted a very studied steel-blue, very unusual in a gallery.
Sanford Robinson Gifford
The View from Eagle Rock, 1862

John Mix Stanley
Oregon City on the Willamette River, ca 1850-1852
Thomas Moran
Cliffs of Green River, 1874
Martin Johnson
Thunder Storm on Narragansett Bay, 1868
John Quincy Adams Ward
The Freedman (with brass manacle key), 1862-63

George Catlin
(T) Archery of the Apaches, ca 1855
(B) Bivouac of the Author, after 1852
Seth Eastman
Ballplay of the Dakota on The St. Peter's River in Winter, 1848


James Walker
(T) The Termination of Captain Philip Kearny's Famous Charge, Ixtachebuatl [sic], ca 1850
(B) The Commencement of Captain Philip Kearny's Famous Charge, Ixtachebuatl [sic], ca 1850
Edward Hicks
The Peaceable Kingdom, 1826

Carl Wimar
The Abduction of Boone's Daughter by the Indians, 1855-56
Charles Deas
Indian Group, 1845
John Frederick Kensett
The Coast at Beverly, ca 1865-70
Martin Johnson Heade
Marshfield Meadows, Massachusetts, 1866-76
Jasper Francis Cropsey
The Narrows from Staten Island, 1868
Worthington Whittredge
A Breezy Day - Sakonnet Point, Rhode Island, ca 1880


Willard Leroy Metcalf
Pond Lilies, 1905
William Merritt Chase
Idle Hours, ca 1894

Thomas Hovenden
Chloe and Sam, 1882
Winslow Homer
Crossing the Pasture, 1871-72

Thomas Eakins
Swimming, 1885
Frederic Remington
An Indian Trapper, 1889

caption for image left
John Singer Sargent
Alice Vanderbilt Shepard, 1888
great-granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt
Morton Livingston Schamberg
Figure, 1913
Stuart Davis
Egg Beater No. 2, 1928

Stuart Davis
Bass Rocks No. 2, 1939
Robert Laurent
Plant Form, ca 1924-28, stained fruitwood
Georgia O'Keeffe
Red Cannas, 1927
Arthur Dove
The Lobster, 1908

Everett Spruce
West Texas Incident, 1937
Charles Demuth
Chimney and Water Tower, 1931
Georgia O'Keeffe
Ranchos Church, New Mexico, 1930/31

Georgia O'Keeffe
Dark Mesa with Pink Sky, 1930
Charles Sheeler
Conversation - Sky and Earth, 1940
Ben Shahn
World's Greatest Comics, 1946

TFS really likes Louise Nevelson 's work. She was happy to see (and touch - tsk!) this one.
Louise Nevelson
Lunar Landscape, 1959-60, painted wood
Georgia O'Keeffe
Black Patio Door, 1955
Gene Owens
Cinder Sun, 1964
Art on Paper    
Carroll Thayer Berry
(LT) Winslow Homer's Studio - Maine Coast, ca 1937
(LB) Study for Winslow Homer's Studio - Maine Coast, ca 1937
(R) Winslow Homer
Eight Bells, 1887
John James Audubon
Yellow Billed Cuckoo, Coccyzus carolensis, Plant Popaw Porceliatriloba, 1827
Charles White
Trenton Six, 1949

John Biggers
The Four Seasons, 1990

Richard Anuskiewica
Untitled, Undated

Josef Albers
(L) SP VI, 1967
(R) SP VII, 1967

(LT) Herschel C. Logan
Old Farmhouse, 1938
(LB) J. J. Lankes
Sunday Afternoon, 1936
(R) Clare Leighton
Corn Pulling, 1952


Remington and Russell

This gallery is more like a study room. There are numerous examples of finished works, and recessed drawers with preparatory sketches.

Frederic Remington
Through the Smoke Sprang the Daring Soldier, 1897
Frederic Remington
The Long-Horn Cattle Sign, 1908
Frederic Remington
Drum Corps, 1889
Frederic Remington
The Right of the Road, 1900
Frederic Remington
(L) The Scalp, 1898
(R) The Scalp, 1898
Frederic Remington
(L) The Broncho Buster
(R) The Broncho Buster
Frederic Remington
The Fall of the Cowboy, 1895

Frederic Remington sculpture
Frederic Remington
Cavalrymen in an Arizona Sand-Storm, 1889
Charles M. Russell
Cowboy Camp During the Roundup, ca 1885-87

Charles M. Russell
Breaking Camp, 1885
Charles M. Russell
In Without Knocking, 1909

Charles M. Russell
A Tight Dolly and a Loose Latigo, 1920

Charles M. Russell sculpture
Charles M. Russell
Where the Best of Riders Quit, 1921-22
Charles M. Russell
The Bucker and the Buckeroo, ca 1929-34


Art & Appetite: American Painting, Culture, and Cuisine

    I'd show you this exhibition, but photography wasn't allowed. We were hungry after though.
Another no-photography exhibit was James McNeill Whistler: Lithographs from the Steven L. Block Collection at the Speed Art Museum.
A third was an exhibit of oversized photographs of people riding urban transit in various large cities. Rather ironic that photos weren't allowed of this one.


All Done!

The museum walls
are limestone, which
contain cavities from
the bodies of the
aquatic shelled
animals it once held.
    A very pleasant and informative museum. I know a lot more about the two main artists than I ever did.

Back we go into the heat. Out front there is a depressed grassy area that looks like a dry pond with a tree and a sculpture interrupting a wide walkway around the depression.



front courtyard with
Fort Worth skyline
in the distance

Is that? Could it be?

Yup, more

Henry Moore
(L) Upright Motive #7, 1955-56
(C) Glenkiln Cross, 1955-56
(R) Upright Motive #2, 1955-56

This time nothing is reclining.

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Fort Worth Views

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